Monday, May 6, 2013

The day when everything went black...

I did wrote on something bout the painful truth about Malaysian multi races country during last election. I guess I'll be barking the same issue over and over until we finally see the light or the stage that can bring us moving forward together.

It is very tricky to live in Malaysia if your mind always suspicious about race supremacy, money and power. Is that the ultimate reason living in Malaysia?

I am not a big fan of history, never will be. But, understanding human needs and feeling, I believe non of my non-bumi friends (excluding those who get their IC for election) ever pray to be born in Malaysia and treated like second-class citizen.

Yes, I admit they are far richer and better educated than me and my "bangsa melayu", but hey... 

Who actually force them to be who they are right now? 
Our system. 

What drive them sending their child study oversea with their own savings? 
Our system. 

What makes them so disgusted with us?
Our system.

Why bother if Chinese are so attach to their race?
Had you do anything to actually reduce the racial tense?
Had you do anything good to them?
Did you know we silently oppressed them?

It just plain fitrah when one being oppressed, they get together and retaliate. 
And thats what happened to non-bumi in Malaysia.

We should do something as well. To be able to live in Malaysia, whatever races... in pure harmony. 
No more divide, conquer and suspicious, but together, hand in hand and trust. Enough of racism thingy, enough of hatred, enough. 

I am devastated, almost lost hope to the system, but I do believe, Allah never wrong. Have faith, be strong.