Sunday, November 23, 2008

YOGA Haramization

I might be conservative in a way, but yea... guess a lil bit liberal...

I just can't understand how they can haramize the Yoga but, they couldn't arrest AYAH PIN which for me clearly deviate from the teaching.

Yoga is basically a form of exercise, like chi qong, tai chi (to name a few). It always when the practitioner want to climb the higher spirit of it, they start to recite weird chanting, mantra, and stuff like that. There are many muslim out there practicing Yoga, neglecting the chanting. Does this makes Yoga haram?

Even silat have the mandi bunga, mandi minyak rituals and all sort of doubtness. Why it is not been HARAMIZED? Not to include "Pendamping" and stuff.

Prevention is better that cure. True. But, instead banning/ haraming the exercise, why not implementing other measures (FIRST, before implementing the haramization) that feed the same purpose like;
1. Educate people about Aqidah
2. Educate people about Solah
3. Create new stylish exercise (well, we like to be in trend :p)
4. Or prepare muslim yoga / exercise center (without mantra / chanting)
On point no. 1 and 2, I bet many don't understand the secret behind every posture during Solah. Solah, is also a source of exercise. Every step lies spiritual and physical meaning (some of the yoga posture, macam posture solah).

This kind of information should be shared so that everybody would perform the 5 times prayers plus the sunnah with spiritual and scientific understanding. Kalau tak, tak kan la kite jumpe ramai yang puasa tapi tak sembahyang. why? simply sebab puasa bole kurus... lol

Bukan la pulak nak mengajak orang sembahyang untuk exercise sahaja, but not everybody see things from the same point of view. sometimes, we could not agree even in one small minor thing. So, mulakan dengan yang mudah, lama kelamaan, dedahkan kepada yang lebih dalam.

It just my 2 cent. maybe 50 cent. I like yoga, as much i like tai chi and chi qong. this haramization is quite shocking since banyak lagi mende perlu diharamkan.

Additional notes:
1. Give alternative version of yoga, says Perlis Mufti

2. Hope the haramization process, goes parallel with the process of enhancing Muslim awareness about Aqidah. Once we all understand the same baseline, then the implementation of haramization will give effect.


Azmi Rahman said...

Seriously, what really happened to the good old jogging? I don't understand why people don't (or refuse) to understand the haram-nization of Yoga. It has been explained that the yoga itself is not haram, but the chanting is haram (if you do it). So, to avoid that one-thing-leads-to-another thingy, so Yoga is haram-ed in Malaysia for Muslim.

If the nawwaitu is to exercise and be healthy, I don't see what's the big fuss about the haram-nization because there are plenty more things that people can do to exercise and be healthy.

Caieja said...

::Azmi Rahman::

Like I said la... instead of banning, u can do other thing to improve thing.

We are multiracial country, mende2 macam ni, kene cakap elok2.

Then, haram kan internet - lead to macam2...
haramkan rancangan tv yg ntah pape... Haramkan moto... haramkan taman permainan

Aku rasa yoga (without chanting) better dari AF.

Talkig bout other exercise, sbb tu la kene cipta satu yg baru, baru in-trend. Ramai je yg aku knal mask yoga sebab die in-trend. This is bout mentality.

FJ said...

Mula-mula aku pun pikir macam tu, salah ke buat yoga kalau we exclude the chanting part kan? my friends go to yoga classes too but they certainly did not do it because its the latest fad or whatsoever. they went for it solely for the exercising part. BUT, did we really went through its history? did u read ysterday's paper thoroughly? Setiap perbuatan yoga tu sebenarnya ada makna tersirat yang sama iaitu penyembahan dan penyatuan diri dengan tuhan matahari. and THAT, made JAKIM carry out the extensive research and ultimately come out with the decree. Hey, I'm not against yoga, but I am against benda-benda yang boleh merosakkan aqidah.

Caieja said...


Oh my, didn't I state there clearly...

I bising pasal haramization because it doesnt fit the whole purpose. Kalau ko tinggal kat S'pore, where sensitivity kaum takde, takpe... but we are here in Malaysia...

Same goes with solat. Kite tak panggil la every steps as penyatuan dengan tuhan, but every steps carry it's own meaning, spiritually and physically.

My point is, banyak lagi mende yg harus dilangsaikan. Aku takut, ko nak eliminate bilis, but invite jerung to come around.

Instead of banning straight away, u can always educate people to understand what is right/wrong, u give people alternative activity (well sesetengah tempat tak selamat utk jog), and stuff.

Kenapa nak bakar kelambu kalau ko bole halau je nyamuk keluar dari kelambu...

My 2 cent.

Kalau salah aku mintak ampun ngan Allah. And this is just my thought.

Azmi Rahman said...

I know what you are trying to say. But do aware that the haram-nization is only apply on Muslims. Non-Muslim can still carry on with the Yoga thingy.

Of course, prevention is better than cure. Couldn't agree with u more on that. Education to build aqidah is really important. If education parallel with these sort of banning, it is much better than the education alone, don't you think?

Of course people think some things have to be banned. I'm pretty sure if there are enough valid and solid reason, stuffs like AF will get banned as well. But like you said, building aqidah is important. So if people think that AF should be banned, don't watch it. Coz in the end, it don't need banning because no one watching it. Same concept can be applied to Yoga.

Caieja said...

::Azmi Rahman::
WOW!!! U toned down!!! I like...

well... it just my point view... aku tak suke berantakan... apa yg bole diselesaikan cara baik, buatla cara baik... tu je...

FJ said...

me - waiting for the "absent minded ones" to unite! sorry do, subjek dah lari...hahahahahah