Monday, July 7, 2008

Life without HP

Almost a week I live without my ‘flying hp’. The existence of the hp is not so significant in my life that I ALMOST don’t want to find a new one.

Except it’s daily routine to wake me up in the morning, the rest... I still feel the same. The best thing by not having a hp:
  1. I don’t have to worry bout charging it.
  2. I don’t have to expect for any calls / sms. Meaning, no frustration because there is no call / sms simply because I don’t have the hp.
  3. I can escape an emergency calls from the office, honorably.
  4. I don’t have to rush back to my room to get the phone, in case I left it.
  5. I get disconnected to the outside world.

I don’t know since when life been so complicated with this hp thing. As I can remember, say bout 10 years ago, if I promise to meet Ekkie at McD around 10, I just meet her there. After 30 min if she didn’t show, I just left.

But now, if I set to meet Misha at 3.30, then at 4.00 an sms arrived and said ‘can we meet at 4.30? it’s heavily rain outside’... Dooh. Then, at 4.30 ‘can we make it at 5.00? I think it is better i have my evening prayer first.”

I lost 1 hr and 30 min waiting, compare with not having a hp, it is almost nil because we know there is no way to contact our friend in between. Either be there, or bye bye. In short, the hp usage is not actually improving communication, in fact, it is used to deliver excuses (which I hate the most!!!).

As I live in this era, I have to cope with the changes, except I refuse to be slave to the technology created by human.


drbubbles said...

My life is about without TV.

I am TV free for 6 months already.

So so glad.

Now I don't even know who's the actress/actor in the TV.

I don't even know what the title of currentmost popular TV shows.

I ain't bothered.

Caieja said...

U don't have to bother bout that stupid box... Tak rugi sesen pun...

Entertainment which most of the time annoying... Bisa sakit jiwa. Semalam tgk la Konsert Sure Heboh sambil2 gosok baju, sesekali nampak pakcik tua yg hampir luruh seme giginya menyanyi2 sambil melambai2kan tangan... Disturbing gile pemandangan itu...

Lucky you...

boyam said...

ada sony e s series baru tu...
cam white bmw 5 series lak

Caieja said...


FJ said...

wiow, dr bubbles reads u! [i dont knw him but i knw he's a popular blogger].well, ur entry reminded me of my 2wix without HP di OBS.basic rules kat sana: no food,no smoking,no tv/newspaper or magazine of any sort,n definitely no ada antara kami yg seludup gk hp.satu hp htr,satu hp simpan n she calls her bf every single for me, i handed over both my hp.sbg org yg jrg guna hp except utk bersms,aku tak ralat sgt.and those 2 wix were indeed antara saat-saat plg tenteram dlm hidop aku [didnt even miss r; wic meant something else,hmm..].ms kat kuantan dl jiran mrngkap classmate aku plak takde tv kat umah.tataula cane khidupan dia skrg, yg aku nmpk,si adik agak mberontak ms tu.dunno if she still hangout w d wrong company.nwy,do,DPA is almost over..nex SUN kitorg gi pedalaman phg utk prog anak angkat selama 2 wix.ish, seram n riso gk.mcm2 cite dgr.erm,pray 4 d best je.hope i'll return safely n jadi 'lebih manusia' sekembali dari sana plus i look fwd to great experience in a different kg. alls well insh..

Caieja said...

we should hang out once you finished ur course. Maybe, a trip to Kuantan again, with minah mat salleh this time? Miss you so much!!!