Friday, July 11, 2008

Bad Mood Buster

From this blog I browsed through, these are the 6 ways to get rid of the mood swing. The tips are as below (the details, just follow the link and read urself :p). The one in italic purple, is my additional note.

1. Get a change of scenery
KLIA is fine for me. 20 minutes driving and a whole nice scenery really help me through. But of course, seeing the flight
set off is a deep feeling. Driving is also fun thing to do. But get your head on the road. Don't curse all the people you see just because of your mood swing. Or else, your soothing driving experience shall turn into hell to another driver.
2. Listen to someone else’s story

Filter. Some add the headache. Only grasp the positive one, or at least turn it into positive tone that helps you, not pulling you down.

3. Help a stranger

At first, u feel burdened, but with time, it is actually ease your tense. You start feeling good bout yourself. In fact, make a new friend is also a good way to distract the mood

4. Call a friend

What an old friends are for. Human technology ke, ape ke... use it... that's what technology are for. And ...Call your mom, it is such a relief

5. Clean out a drawer

I like cleaning the washroom :p

6. Eat something decadent

Chocolate, hot soup, ice blend, fruits, cakes. It is not necessary sinfully food, but yea, bad food taste better. wink wink

Then, I think we can just add up a few more busters. I'm quite interested in this because my mood swing easily, very very easy. I need fast relief to actually bring back my mood to acceptable operating mode.

And of course, meditation and prayers is a good heal. It helps us to stay focus and boost our spiritual awareness.

Anything I should try?


Choco Fountain said...

Read books.... read comics... chit chatting... paling best ... eat... eat.. eat... carl's junior ke... wendy's... TGI... swenson's.... chillis... secret recipe... tak pun... involve in charity works... biler bleh derme baju nih?

mimiko said...

Listen to someone else’s story

wow!!masa dulu..aku akan jadi pening kalau dengar cerita i_nulz siot!terus dapat migrain.beku otak jap.hahahhahahaha!!seakrang ni en.sazali akan dpt migrain!hhahaha

Caieja said...

::Choco fountain::
Bole... bole... just bgtau je la bile akak dah pack baju, nanti saya amik and trus hantar...

Jom pegi makan sesama la... mesti lagi best... tapi dah tak bole pity party.. :(

hehehe... tapi aku rindu jugak la kat die sebenarnye...

fusarium solani said...

melukis, give a try?

Caieja said...

::fusarium solani::
hehe... aku tak pandai melukis... aku dah try tak berjaya, ] tapi aku agak2 tere buat craft such as card, frame, alaa... mcam art attack tu... Mari kite besarkan scope die kepada "Art Work". :)

D3mOn|c said...

caieja psycho...

boyam said...

tanyala dato'.... hehhehe mst byk idea..
kalo nk lagi bes, tny dr bad heheh

Caieja said...

I am indeed. Tapi ngan saiko ni jugak ko pegi makan hari2 kan???

LOL!!! Pasal ko tak letak nama ngan bin bin nyer sekali... sekali aku kene hack ngan HR/IT, mmg mati la aku n blog ini...

munge said...

tak pandai lukis??

masa tadika slalu masuk colouring contest jer kann...

tu pun tak menang kan???

belajar jahit manik nak?

tak pun buat layer cake...

Caieja said...

Menang la ... No. 3 hihuhu

Jahit manik aku dah buat lepas SPM.
Hm... macam best gakkan start balik...

Buat kek lapis, nanti la balik kuantan, buat sesama ngan ko sambil 'buat ketupat'.

Tapi aku lagi nak buat Art Attack ngan Ariff. Aku ada kaler best. Nanti la...